Takamoto Yamauchi

Tokyo, Japan



Barat College (Chicago)

School of Art Institute of Chicago

International Center of Photography (NY)

【Solo exhibitions】

“From dusk” / 72 gallery (Tokyo Institute of Photography), Tokyo, Japan, 09/2015
"From dusk in Collotype" Benrido Gallery KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ Award, Kyoto, Japan, 04/2017
”From dusk till dawn, aftermath" / Place M Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 04/2017

【Group exhibitions】

"New Age Photography" / 72 gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 01/2015 

“TAKARA BUNE” / In between gallery, Paris, France, 01/2016

"Historie de vivre" / Red Bull Space Gallery, Paris, France, 06/2016

【Slide show】

Tokyo International Photography Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 10/2015

Mt. Rokko International Photography Festival, Kobe, Japan, 08/2016


"From dusk" / T.I.P Book, Tokyo, Japan, 09/2015
"Till dawn" / Shashasha, Tokyo, Japan, 11/2016

European photography 100, 2016

【Web showcase】

MAGNUM Showcase on British Journal of Photography, 05/2014

【Record of Awards】

CP+ Osaka Onaeba 1st prize, Tokyo, Japan, 2014


LE BAL, Paris, France, 11/2016

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